Our company has a record of experience since 2007 in the Fashion Jewelry business and has been online under the brand name SOALZA since 2010.

During the years of operation we have developed more than One Thousand different jewelry products and/or variations of jewelry products.
The majority of our products are handmade in Singapore, but some are made in Europe, Hong Kong and at our factory in China.

As our range of products are constantly increasing/changing, our product catalogs are never showing all our jewellery products.
We are updating this WEB-store regularly but we are not able to keep it totally up-to-date.
Our printed catalogs are even more difficult to keep updated.
We try to keep all data concerning fashion jewellery products etc. correct but are human and can fail so please bear with us.
Our fashion jewelry products are mainly based on high quality parts like SWAROVSKI crystal beads and SWAROVSKI crystal pearls. Also other parts are tested, sorted and chosen with quality in mind. We are always choosing quality over price.
Despite this, our customers are telling us that our prices are at a very reasonable level.

We also offer customization. Some of our standard fashion jewellery products are based on customer’s requests and designed by our staff.
We hope you will find something of interest, or maybe you have some ideas on how your personalized jewellery should look?
Just let us know and we will try to accommodate you.