Tip number ten: Formality.

It is always important to consider the event and the occasion when you are choosing your jewelry.
A more casual occasion requires more casual jewelry. This can be anything from a wide range of jewelry styles.
If you have a single stone on your ring, then this can be interpreted as casual or formal.
If you have a ton of diamonds hanging around your neck, it is not appropriate for casual.
Likewise, a ton of rhinestones or cubic zirconia if you cannot afford diamonds. However, most people know this.
But, what most do not know is that for a formal event, it is always more appropriate to wear formal jewelry the same way that you would wear a formal dress.
Many times, people choose to keep on their simple, regular, casual jewelry for a formal event.
This does not read appropriately.
If you are taking the time to get your hair done, to put on extra makeup, and most importantly, to wear a formal gown, it just does not work to wear your simple stud earrings and a small chain necklace to the event.
If you have to choose to do a jewelry look for a formal event, and you have no other choices besides your simple everyday casual jewelry, choose to wear nothing at all.
This is a great budget tip for anyone who does not have any sparkling pieces of jewelry that are appropriate for a formal event.
And, if you can take the time to get something, there is a lot of costume jewelry out there that looks very real, but does not cost the same amount as real jewelry. So again, if you have a formal event and you do not have formal jewelry, either go buy some good looking real costume jewelry, or, do not wear anything at all.
Slick on an extra layer of lipstick and go. People will appreciate it.