Finally, tip 16: Clip Earrings as pins or shoe clips.

We just mentioned using clip earrings in the hair.
This is a fun and unusual way to get a little bit creative and to make your own jewelry in a way.
I like to go to antique fairs and buy old fashioned clip earrings, sometimes mismatched.
Once you have a handful of these you can use them in the hair, or you can use them as a pin, on a garment, clipped onto a neckline, in doubles clipped onto two pockets, or on shoes for shoe clips.
If you’re going this route, feel free to get creative.
The clip earrings don’t have to match.
If you want them to look more clean and neat then choose matching clip earrings and put them on both of your shoes.
If you want to go for a more funky or unusual style, then choose two similar but unmatching clip earrings, and put both of them on your shoes or your clothes. Or if you have one clip earring that you really love but you’ve lost the mate and don’t have a similar match, then go ahead and put one earring right in your hair as a bobby pin or a hair clip.
That’s all for today, and that’s what we have to share with you about how to choose jewelry.
Once again, I’m Beth Alyse with guerrilla makeovers, San Francisco style.
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