Tip number 13: Embellishments Clothing

that have accessories built in can be a fun way to choose jewelry without selecting individual jewelry pieces.
Sometimes, clothing has embellishments built in.
Embellishments are a euphemism for beading, studding, or sequining.
There are many different kinds of embellishments on clothing that is popular today.
Oftentimes, we see this kind of clothing in contemporary stores, for example, Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.
Because it’s a very stylish and current look, you will find it more often than not. Two things to consider when you’re choosing jewelry to go with embellished clothing.
The first thing to consider–sometimes the clothing stands alone and doesn’t need additional jewelry.
If you add jewelry, it can look messy.
The second thing to consider is, again, not to overdo it with the jewelry.
If your clothing has embellishments, then try and keep your jewelry either slim-lined or to a single color, so that you don’t overwhelm the garment or the jewelry.