Number fourteen. Consider factors such as jewelry catching on your clothes.
If you’re wearing a very delicate garment, such as something made of silk or chiffon, you don’t want to wear jewelry that’s going to get caught on the clothing.
You can easily destroy a delicate garment by choosing jewelry that has too many things sticking out of it, or harsh edges.
If you have to wear jewelry with a delicate garment, make sure that it doesn’t have any harsh edges to catch on the clothing.
If anything, you should wear your jewelry in an area of the body well away from the delicate garment.
For example, wear a necklace or a choker that’s short enough to not interfere with the neckline of the garment.
Or wear earrings that won’t dangle down onto the straps of the garment.
Most importantly, don’t wear rings or bracelets that are going to get caught on the delicate chiffon or silk of your garment or it will be destroyed.