Tip number 15: Hair Embellishments

These are a very creative and unusual way to wear jewelry.
When you’re choosing your jewelry, don’t forget about the head.
This doesn’t just mean tiaras, of course.
This can mean barrettes, clips, pins, even hair elastics.
To wear a little bit of an extra sparkle around the face can brighten up your eyes and throw high relief on your skin in a very beautiful way.
The trick here, as always, is not to overdo it, to make sure that your hair embellishments don’t fight with the rest of your jewelry, and that they enhance you.
Sometimes clips or pins or even clip earrings can be worn in the hair as a barrette or a hair pin.
If this is not an option for you, and you prefer to buy pre-made clips or hair pins or barrettes, then look for something that’s going to easily mimic the rest of your jewelry so that you don’t end up with all rhinestones in your hair and all metal jewelry below the neck or on the ears.
You want, as anything, to match your styles of hair jewelry with the rest of your jewelry, unless you are deliberately mixing styles.