Tip number 4: Reflecting Your Lifestyle.

Reflecting your lifestyle in your jewelry is a great way to help your jewelry communicate your personality.
If for example, you like antiquing, then reflecting that in your jewelry choices is a great way to communicate your identity.
Next time you go antiquing, take a look at their case of estate jewelry.
Most antique shops have some estate jewelry or failing that, costume jewelry and selecting a few key pieces from this case is going to give a great identity boost to your look.
If you prefer traveling, then look for ethnic pieces or interesting elements when you’re traveling next.
Sometimes the places you go have very distinctive jewelry styles and you can really pick up a great look from your travels.
Or if you have heirloom pieces from your own family what a wonderful way to communicate about yourself, your family ties, and the importance of them to your everyday life.
It’s also very nice to wear jewelry that belonged to someone in your family because it makes them feel like they’re close to you even if they’ve already passed on.