Tip number 2: Size.
When we’re considering the size of jewelry that we’re going to put on our client, the first thing we think of is the size of the person.
Measure your height and your weight and determine what your bone size is in relation to your body.
This can help you figure out if you want a chunkier jewelry, a more delicate jewelry, or something in between.
For larger women we recommend chunky jewelry to help proportionalize the body and give a slimming affect.
For extremely petite women, they can’t carry off chunky jewelry as well because it overwhelms them and makes them look like they’re drowning in their jewelry.
So very petite women need to stay with a more delicate or chain oriented jewelry, for the most part.
Again this is not a hard and fast rule. It’s just a guideline to help you begin your selection.
And for men we always recommend a chunkier, more solid form of jewelry because this almost always looks best with most men’s frames.