Tip number 3: Personal Taste.

Of course the most important thing in choosing any form of style, whether it’s clothing, a hairstyle, makeup, or in this case jewelry, is your personal taste.
What you like is the most important thing.
If you like something and somebody tells you it doesn’t look good on you, unless you really really trust their opinion, just ignore it. Because really, if you like something, chances are you’re going to feel confident in it and be able to pull off the look.
Then again, if you don’t like something and you’re only wearing it, perhaps because it was a gift or a family heirloom, chances are you’re not going to enjoy wearing it as much as if you liked it.
Because jewelry is so diverse you don’t really have to stick with a certain style all the time. Personal taste is absolutely up to you, completely subjective, and the most important guideline in picking out your jewelry.