Metal is a great way to unify your jewelry wardrobe and it’s also an important element to remember and keep in mind when you’re selecting your jewelry in the store.
Most people have certain metals that look better on them than others.
Many people favor metals like silver, that aren’t necessarily the best metal for them.
Many people look excellent in gold or warmer toned metals like pewter.
Many people prefer metals like platinum, which are colder.
Because people have warm tones to their skin more often than they have cool tones to their skin, gold and pewters and brass, coppers, all of the warm metal tones, are better for more people.
However, to determine your own personal metal, find out if your skin tone is warm or cool.
If it’s cool, generally stick with metals such as platinum, white gold, silver and stones like diamonds or pearls.
If your skin tone is warmer or ruddy, then metals like brass, copper, and especially gold will look good on you more often than not.
However, again, the most important thing in selecting your jewelry wardrobe is not what looks good on you, as much as what you like.