Tip number eight, Sparkle.
We talked briefly about around the face. And how that can enhance your natural look.
This is an element that’s very, very, important to bring to your jewelry
Not all sparkle has to be glitzy, glittery or childish.
Some sparkle is the extreme quiet and refined sparkle of diamonds or precious stones.
Some is the cooler glow of a pearl.
Different kinds of sparkle can communicate different moods.
If you’re feeling playful, something in crystal, for example Swarovski or Austrian crystals is definitely something that’s going to be more whimsical and playful.
And communicate that vibe to the people that are watching you when you’re wearing your jewelry.
If you are not feeling like sparkle, go for something more brushed that still has a bit of a glow to it.
For example, for mentioned pearls or a brushed metal.
But always remember that some sparkle of some kind whether it’s a dull sheen, a burnished finish or an outright sparkle like a crystal is going to bring more glow to your face and liven up the sparkle already in your eyes.