Tip number 12: Mixing Styles.

Like with mixing metals, mixing styles of jewelry can be a fun way to get a little bit more complex with your jewelry.
This is definitely a more advanced technique, and not something we necessarily would recommend doing immediately off the bat as you begin to select jewelry.
However, since we’re talking about how to choose jewelry, it is important to incorporate the notion of how to mix styles of jewelry.
Whether they’re styles that you already have, or styles that you’re shopping for at the time, choosing your jewelry every morning is always an exercise in exploration.
Depending on your mood and how you feel on a given day, you may feel like mixing one style of jewelry, for example antique, with another style of jewelry, for example costume jewelry.
The best way to do this is to try and keep one singular theme running between all of the styles.
So, using our example of antique and costume jewelry, find some antique jewelry that has some stones or one color of metal and then select your costume jewelry also with a similar stone or metal.
It doesn’t have to be the same color of stones.
Just the fact that it’s stones is enough.
Or if you have a bunch of different kinds of jewelry that have different styles
but all similar colors, then that can be your single theme.
To keep a consistent theme running among your jewelry when your mixing styles will keep it from looking messy and make you look neat, but still intricate.