Mixing metals. We’ve already talked about the different metals that work
with different people’s skin tones.
What we didn’t discuss, is how to mix metals.
Many jewelry comes with metals already mixed.
Some people avoid this jewelry because they don’t like it, or they find it messy. Other people find it to be very fun and complex.
Again, it really depends on your personal style.
If you have a preference for one metal or another, it can get a little bit boring if you’re always wearing the same color.
One way to mix this up, is to mix different colors of metal in your jewelry.
The best way to do this successfully is to wear only metal jewelry at this time. Instead of wearing metal chains that have something hanging off of them, or stones set into metal, we recommend a simple cuff bracelet with copper and brass mixed in with a cooler color, like silver, and not to overdo it, or, several bangle bracelets in different colors of metals.
Likewise, you can have copper colored earrings and a silver necklace, as long as they’re chunky and it looks deliberate, like you’re mixing them on purpose, and not because that was all you had.