Tip number 6: Signature Pieces.

This is my personal favourite tip, because I always ask my clients what, if any, signature pieces they may have already existing in their jewelry wardrobe.
Many people have pieces that they just can’t bear to part with even for a single
If you find yourself wearing a single or multiple pieces of jewelry from day today over an extended period of time, this becomes what we call your “signature look” and those pieces of jewelry are your signature pieces.
One thing to keep in mind when you’re selecting a signature piece is to make sure that it works with most of your wardrobe, if not all of it.
It shouldn’t just match your clothes. It should also accurately reflect your lifestyle.
And remember, if you’re dressing up for a formal event and your signature piece
is more casual, it can be difficult to make sure the two looks tie together.
This is an exception and one time when you may choose to leave your signature piece at home in favour of something more dressy.
But for the most part a signature piece can really well define your personal style and give people something to associate with you from day to day in your look more than any wardrobe element can do because you can wear it every single day.
And with jewelry, unlike with a hairstyle, or a favourite pair of shoes, or a wardrobe element of some kind, it doesn’t easily get worn out or become boring. And it can be versatile for many different looks.