Some of our standard materials


SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL BEADS and SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PEARLS are produced in Austria and are regarded as products of the highest quality within their range. (click on the underlined words to get more information)
For these crystals as for all crystal-ware, the shine may deteriorate over time due to external influence.

Be especially aware of chemicals like strong detergents, perfumes etc., which will take away the shine of crystal-products if used indiscriminately.

Another thing to be aware of, especially in damp climate, is the metal parts of fashion jewelry.

Silver 925 will become darkened, but may be polished back to its original state, using special polishing devices (cloths), whereas other metal parts, once darkened cannot be returned to their initial state that easy.

Gold plated metal parts are also very vulnerable and will often deteriorate faster than other types of plating. It is adviseable, therefore, to look for double plated products, or parts plated with white gold on a base of silver.

A common, and fairly good, plating in fashion jewelry today is RHODIUM. Here you may find different thickness of the plating which will determine how fast the metal part will lose its initial color.

Stainless Steel metal parts are very sturdy and durable. Mainly used in many of our head-pin and eye-pin connections and also chains and clasps.
There are many grades of Stainless Steel and some types can cause skin irritation for some people with especially sensitive skin.
The most suitable type for jewelry is so called surgical steel which is of similar grade as the type used for medical instruments and body implants, but the price may be too high in many cases.

Be aware that very low cost fashion jewelry often use low grade materials that can more easily cause skin irritation whether the items are gold-, silver- or other types of plating.
The reason is that the plating is very thin and the base metal will therefore easily come into contact with the skin. The base metals used are low cost material often mixed with nickel or other metals that can cause problems for people with sensitive skin.
Even for those who are normally not allergic to these metal parts can be affected when wearing the jewelry for a longer time.